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The Black Drawing, felt-tip pen on paper, 2 × (723 × 93 cm), 2011
(photo by Jaroslav Kvíz)

"Why is art beautiful? Because it's useless!" wrote Fernando Pessoa in his Book of Disquit. Are we able to take this as
a positive quality? Or is art just a waste of time and artists mere loafers?
I decided to make a piece which will cost me a lot of effort and energy then destroy it and make whole work come to nothing (at this point I failed because I only created a new piece using the method of destruction - a torso of drawing).
The whole process has offered me plenty of time to think this over; and I do not think art is useless, at least man can demonstrate his humanity - he is not just a slave to his biological and social needs, sometimes he can afford to waste his time.

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